Riverside Hybrids

Passiflora 'Snow Queen', A fabulous new hardy RIVERSIDE® Hybrid
Widely available in Europe, UK, Canada & USA from mid 2017!
Protection Status: Plant Breeders Rights pending,
US Plant Patent Rights pending.
RIVERSIDEĀ® is a Registered Trademark


A bit about the site author Myles Irvine and acknowledgements to all those that have helped.


RIVERSIDE® Hybrids specially selected by Myles Irvine.


Prints, paintings, pottery, glassware & more from the Seventeenth Century to the present day..

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A good place to start for basic passion flower advice covering all the basics.


From the Seventeenth Century 'Flos passionis' to date.


Images of some of the well known and best hybrids..

  Passiflora ID

Many tips to help to ID your passion flower whether hybrid or species


Eight issues now available for download! New contributors welcome! Check out the link.


Bees plus unique footage of the flower movement shown by some Passiflora in response to touch.


Information & unique images of bees, bats, hummingbirds, moths and wasps.


Passsiflora hybrid lists from 2000 to date & how to register new cultivars & hybrids.


Articles, genetics, flowering, hormones, lifecycle, lifespan, pollen, SEM high mag images and more.


Images & hardiness figures for over 60 species including some of the rarest and most spectacular.


Everything from cuttings to hardiness, edible fruit, hybridizing, pests and diseases, seed and more.

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This site is the world's largest resource for Passiflora information at over 1000 pages.