Riverside Hybrids



Passiflora kermesina 1826

From Maund
The Botanist 1837-1846

'In 1837, Benjamin Maund started the publication of a sister periodical to the highly successful Botanic Garden, named the Botanist, in five volumes with 250 hand colored engravings. It contains plates of single blooms of tender and hardy ornamentals. The work is of a precision, beauty and intense color unrivalled in all of botanical illustration. The plates are by Miss Taylor, Mrs. Withers, Miss S. Maund, and Mrs. E Bury, among others, & engraved by S Watts, Nevitt & Smith. References include Nissen 222; Great Flower Books 1990, p.160; Blount p. 266.'

From Panteek's Antique Prints