Riverside Hybrids



Passiflora x violacea 1824

Passiflora caerulea-racemosa. Loddiges 1817-1833

'An illustrious English horticulturist and botanical publisher, Conrad Loddiges owned a famous nursery, where he supervised the introduction of rare and exotic plants. Conrad Loddiges and Sons were one of the earliest nurseries to cultivate orchids for sale and they continued as the principal commercial orchid cultivators in Europe until the breaking up of their establishment in 1852. He was also noted for his production of camellias, which were introduced in the early 1800’s.

His contribution to botanical illustration was the publication of THE BOTANICAL CABINET from 1817-1833, which totalled 2000 hand colored engraved plates of different plant varieties mostly from his own nursery near Hackney, London. References include Nissen 228; Great Flower Books,p.85; Dunthorne 187; Stafleu TL 49141.'

From Panteek's Antique Prints