Riverside Hybrids



3 Passiflora species. The one on the right a Passiflora foetida 1753

'From the Johann Weinmann’s Phytanthoza Iconographia, 1737-1745. These are rare and beautiful images and they represent the some of the most beautiful in this work of over 1,000 hand colored engravings Johann Weinmann directed a famous pharmacy in Regensburg. His   Phytanthoza Iconographia was a huge work in eight folio volumes which provided one of the most comprehensive reference of the eighteenth century.  The engraver, J.J. Haid printed many of the illustrations utilizing a mezzotint technique used by the Englishman, Kirkall.  Georg Dionysius Ehret was employed as an apprentice, but the relationship was not a good one & Ehret received no credit for his work.' 

From Panteek's Antique Prints