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Passiflora caerulea 1753

Pancrace Bessa Botanical Prints 1836

'Panteek are very pleased to present this wonderful selection of prints from the first edition of "Flore des Jardiniers, d'apres les dessins de Bessa." These are rare and beautiful images and they represent the most beautiful of some 390 prints in the work.

Pancrace Bessa (1772-1835) was a pupil of Redoute & Van Spaendonck. During this era of magnificent French botanical illustration, he contributed to some of the most famous works of the time, including the masterpiece, "Description des Plantes cultivees à Malmaison à Navarre", in which 9 illustrations are by Bessa & 54 by Redoute.

He enjoyed the patronage of the colorful Duchesse de Berry, and her father in law, King Charles X of France. His most notable work is "L'Herbier Generale de L'Amateur" by Mordant de Launey & Loiseleur Longchamp 1810-1837. These prints are from the his last work which contains the same plates as the Herbier de L'Amateur, with the following additions: in small italics the habitat & date of flowering and key to dissections again in small italics.

The artificiality and Empire elegance that characterizes much of the work of Redoute is replaced in these illustrations by an exuberance of design and color and a grace of form that makes Bessa the last and perhaps one of the greatest in a glorious era of French illustrators.'

From Panteek's Antique Prints