Riverside Hybrids



Passiflora speciosa 1844

Gems of Nature and Art, engravings by Mr. B. Fawcett, published in London by Groombridge and Sons.

Described by Killip as 3 lobed, Dr. Roland Fisher advises that Reto Gamma found P. speciosa in the wild and it was always 5 lobed.

'The subjects from Gems of Art And Nature were selected to provide pictures that, in the words of the print maker “will attract in an instant… and leave impressions of lasting value...and be treasured by the family circle.”

Chromolithograph with spectacular range of colors. Printed on thick, stiff paper, plate printed on one side and paper blank on reverse.

Chromolithography was invented in about 1830 and was the first true multi-color printing technique, previously color had to be applied by hand. A printing stone was used for each color so highly colorful prints such as these required a lot of stones and a great deal of care in aligning them. The Victorians loved this method of printing because of the rich coloring that could be achieved.'

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