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Passiflora alata 1781

 Dictionnaire D'Histoire Naturelle by Charles Orbigny 1849

'This superb antique print is from the from the first edition of Dictionnaire D'Histoire Naturelle by Charles Orbigny.

Many experts consider prints from this work to be the finest natural history prints ever produced (see * below).

Bear in mind this means it is being compared to work by Audubon and Gould, and you will appreciate print from D'Histoire Naturelle are likely to greatly increase in value once greater numbers of collectors become aware of them.

The drawings the prints were engraved from were by the leading French natural history artists of the time, such as Travies, Blanchard, Oudart, Pretre and Maubert. They are wonderfully detailed and have original and beautiful hand colouring.

*E.g. Nissen ZBI, 4617; Wood 323 "the plates in this remarkable work render it the best illustrated encyclopedia of natural history"

Print method
Engraving with beautiful hand colouring. Many of these prints were hand finished with shellac .which adds further sheen and depth to the colours. The print is on heavy, high quality stiff paper with the print on one side, and the reverse is blank.'

from Fine Rare Prints