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Passiflora trifasciata 1868

L’Illustration Horticole 1868

'L’Illustration Horticole was one of the finest botanical periodicals of the latter half of the 19th Century, and was first published in Ghent, Belgium in 1854. Its purpose was to educate people about the fascinating plants being gathered from around the world and hopefully persuade them to buy them from the associated plant nurseries. The driving forces behind the early editions were Charles Lemaire, a professor of botany, and Ambroise Verschaffelt of the Nursery Verschaffelt. The prints were lavishly illustrated and lithographed by some of the best botanical artists and lithographers of the day, such as Goosens, De Pannemaeker and Stroobant. Many are enhanced by delicate shellac finishing'

from Fine Rare Prints