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Passiflora alata 1781

Pierre Jean Francis Turpin Dizionario di Scienze Naturali 1837

''...this extremely rare work of beautifully hand colored stipple engravings. The condition is superb, with very white paper and intense coloring. It derives form the work of the luminaries of the 18th century under the support of the king of France, Louis XV, and the later direction of Turpin. Most of the prints are by Turpin & Pretre. First sent to the Royal Printing House of France, it was then published in Italian in 1837 by Batelli & Sons (Ref: Ceresoli)

Turpin was one of the greatest botanical painters of his time. Largely self taught, he was inspired by the botanical painter Poiteau whom he met in Santo Domingo. .

The plates are beautifully executed stipple engravings in very fine detail, finished by hand, the FINEST stipple engravings we have ever sold. Some are heightened with gold & silver. Each print measures approximately 51/2 inches wide by 8 3/4 inches long, with descriptions in Latin & Italian. There is no accompanying text. The images, though good, cannot show the minute detail of the stipple engravings. All our prints are guaranteed authentic antique prints, with these prints being about 170 years old. THESE PRINTS ARE EXTREMELY RARE, WITH VERY FEW AUCTION RECORDS IN THE PAST 50 YEARS.''

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