Riverside Hybrids


Mystery polyploid.....


For cultivar or hybrid registration please contact the PSI.

See species lists here.

L.A. King 2011 Passiflora cultivars 2011 PDF (856KB)

Supplementary Passiflora cultivar list. Text PDF (251KB)

L.A. King 2004-2010 Passiflora cultivars 2004-2010 PDF (15.6MB) or TXT (112KB)
R. Fischer 2004 Passiflora Hybrids and Cultivars. Pub. in Passiflora. Passionflowers of the World. By Torsten Ulmer and John M. MacDougal 2004. Text only. PDF (257KB)
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L.A. King 2003 Passiflora specimens in the RHS Herbarium, Wisley. Text only. PDF (27KB)
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C. Feuillet et al. 2000 PSI Hybrid list. Passiflora Vol. 10, No. 3/4. 2000. Illustrated. PDF (500KB) TXT

Please note that the text versions can be a little garbled.

By the nature of things there are likely to be errors and omissions in all the Passiflora lists.