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Tacsonia can be very difficult to grow outside in much of Europe as most will suddenly die below -5° C and they also struggle in high temperatures with low humidity. In the wild many grow in the 'Páramos' between 1700-3000m in humid to semi humid upper montane forest and forest edges. Páramos are zones of elevation found in the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Northern Peru & Venezuela. They have a very difficult & variable, though not extreme, climate, often ranging in one day from wet, cold & windy to sunny & warm.

  Dr.Horst Kretzschmar

Horst, an orchid expert, is one of the few people in Central Europe to successfully grow Tacsonia 'outdoors' into well established plants with large stems. He recommends growing them in the ground in a greenhouse, as above, with all the glass being removed in Spring and then cuttting the plants back hard enough to refit the glass each Autumn. It can go down to -20° C where he lives so over the coldest months he uses a little electric heating inside. His greenhouse is about 2.60 m high and it is totally overgrown each summer as the plants grow very rapidly. They will grow up to the third floor of his house each season. See after pruning.

Some of the info on this page is from Handbook of the Birds of the World vol.5, ed. by Hoyo, Elliott, and Sargatal. 1999