Riverside Hybrids



A well fed wild Indian ring necked parakeet psittacula krameri (manillensis) in the garden next to mine in Surbiton Surrey UK. There is an Oxford University research project by Chris Butler dedicated to the distribution of these exotic visitors to UK & a very informative site at Norwood Grove. There are a number of suggestions as to how they came to be here, including release from Shepperton Film Studios when The African Queen was being filmed or later in the 1970's, to accidental releases from quarantine at Heathrow Airport. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 the Ring necked Parakeet is on Schedule 9 as an animal which may not be released into or grown in the wild, so these parakeets are breaking the law! Fortunately they have not spotted my plants yet, as parrots & parakeets can be a major pest for commercial Passiflora crops. They are now very abundant in UK with some colonies of thousands.