Riverside Hybrids


© 2006 Sally Levinson


Passiflora 'Berkeley'
 P. subpeltata x P. caerulea?
  USA 2008
 Min -5°C 23°F

Found by Sally Levinson in an overgrown garden on the north side of Heinz Ave, between San Pablo Ave and 10th Street in Berkeley California.

Dr Les King comments, 'Shows many features in common with P. subpeltata, but differs from normal forms in having larger flowers and foliage, more prominent petiole glands, purple/blue coloration to corona, and in being more vigorous and hardier. It appears to be a hybrid of P. subpeltata, or of a related species, possibly with P. caerulea. Named after the location in California where it was found in cultivation in 2006.'