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Passiflora Betty Myles Young

 Passiflora 'Betty Myles Young'
Myles Irvine UK
Min –8°C 18°F

Passiflora 'Betty Myles Young'  was named in honour of my mother, above, using her maiden name. See family history here which explains my green fingers. She has asked me to point out that she is both vigorous & hardy but is neither polyploid, large nor floriferous! This is an incredible massive plant. Can be container grown but will do much better planted outside in the ground. It holds on to its leaves well over winter and produces 30-40 or more flowers a day for months on end. In the right conditions it will flower year round. Plentiful large decorative green fruit ripening to yellow orange.

Triploid. Large, vigorous, very hardy & floriferous vine. Strong flower up to 12cm in diameter, lightly scented, reflexes; stays open for several days; androgynophore & anther filaments green with light maroon speckling; pollen present on anthers; styles green with heavy maroon speckling; petals broad, pale to deep lilac with occasional white central streaking; sepals broad & fleshy, abaxial surface maroon with green base and long claw-like awns; adaxial surface lilac sometimes with some white central streaking; flower 2 rows corona filaments; inner corona filaments dark maroon; outer corona filaments 6cm in diameter, banded dark maroon, white & blue to apex; bracts 1.8cm x 1.4cm; peduncle up to 17cm; attractive large shiny dark green leaves up to 14.5cm x 19cm; strong veins, sometimes three lobed, usually 5-lobed; petiole 6cm or more; one to two pairs 4mm long petiole glands from start to middle of petiole. Stipules 4.4cm x 1.3cm; large decorative ovoid fruit, green ripening to yellow/orange; up to 6.5cm x 4cm; fruit pungent with very pungent orange arils; minimum temperature probably –8°C.

Has been the subject of SEM studies by Frans Holthuysen. See comparison shots with the similar diploid cross .P. 'Purple Pendulum'.