Riverside Hybrids

P. 'Damsel's Delight' foliage| P. 'Damsel's Delight' foliage close up | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower bud | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower bud opening | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower - reflexing top | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower reflexing | P. Damsel's Delight' flower side view | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower side view close up | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower on hand | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower close up | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower close up 2 | P. 'Damsel's Delight' flower close up 3 | P. 'Damsel's Delight' fruit

Passiflora 'Damsel's Delight'*
Complex polyploid.
Flowers June-Nov
Min -8°C 18°F

Damsel - 'a young woman or girl; a maiden, originally one of gentle or noble birth.'

Named in honour of my dear friend Jana-Marie Štípská. This fabulous hybrid is in the collections of both the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley. At Wisley, thanks to Matthew Pottage, the Curator, it takes pride of place on the walls of the Laboratory building. See 'P. 'Damsel's Delight' the movie' © Martin Murray.

A large vigorous free flowering vine, the vibrant flowers of Passiflora 'Damsel's Delight' make a great addition to any garden. Can be container grown but will do much better planted outside in the ground. Flower up to 12cm diameter with very strong corona filaments. Rarely sets fruit.

*Initially released as P. 'Silly Cow',

 Jana-Marie with a P. 'Betty Myles Young' flower.