Riverside Hybrids


Passiflora foetida phillipines


Passiflora foetida
Phillipines 2002
Min 0°C 32°F

Young seedling. To quote my contact Will Vandevijver, 'This Passiflora foetida was collected from the intermediate forest, more or less 350 metres high in the province of Tarlac, municipalita of Capas (site of ancentral land of my in laws). I did not see the flower right away from the plant my wife Sata Consuelo collected the seeds from, but all the foetida in Phillipines are slightly different from the foetida pictures I have seen on the internet. The colour in the lowland is slightly more whitish, up in the mountains (1000 meter and higher) the colour is more dark, I do not know the reason.'