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Passiflora foetida var unknown
Min 0°C 32°F

Passiflora foetida, not known by John MacDougal so possibly an unknown species. I have taken many pictures of it. Quite a tempermental plant. Very cold sensitive until roots established, will then take a light frost. Must be kept well watered in summer. Free flowering but as this picture shows this one has developed crinkly leaf problems, probably caused by a virus. Despite this, good feed has ensured vigorous flowering. The flowers open early & close by lunchtime, which is typical of many foetida. The leaves especially when young have a goaty but not unpleasant smell. The rather crumply flowers smell a bit like a medicinal version of P. incarnata. Close up this becomes more intense, similar to a hot rub. It quickly triggers severe irritation of the nose & throat so may be toxic. I dont know what sort of pollinator would be attracted by this.