Riverside Hybrids

Passiflora glandulosa seedling

Passiflora glandulosa

Image © 2006 Ron Boender


Passiflora glandulosa
Cayenne French Guiana
Min 6°C 43°F

Ron Boender has a fine 15 year old Passiflora glandulosa in Butterfly World Florida. It is very rare in cultivation. The flowers are normally red but Cor Laurens has seen a pink P. glandulosa near the coast at Alter do Chão in the Rio Tapajós in Pará, Brazil.

 P. glandulosa has a very variable flower habit.

Christian Feuillet comments on the Passiflora-L-group:-

It has flowers in 3 kind of settings:-

1) Along leafy stems.

2) At the end of leafy stems (no more branches to grab on) the hanging terminal part has progressively reduced internodes, leaves reduced to short-petiolate 3-5 mm long blades, smallish tendrils and regular flowers.

3) From old woody stems, raceme-like stems (like 2, but with long internodes and without basal leafy segment) could be several feet long and occasionally grow into a leafy stem at apex if light conditions improve.