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Passiflora herbertiana foliage | Passiflora herbertiana fruit

Passiflora herbertiana


Passiflora herbertiana
Australia 1853
0°C 32°F
Flowers all year.

Passiflora herbertiana. Easy to get up from seed with high germination rates. A far more adaptable plant than it's cousin Passiflora cinnabarina which must have high temperatures to thrive and flower well. I gave James Purkis a young seedling in mid 2003 and it started to flower for him in December 2003. He grows it indoors over winter in his house in UK just with natural light and it goes outdoors over summer. Under these conditions it flowers all year round except for a brief break when first put outside. This is quite surprising as its native to Australia, found from North East New South Wales to South Queensland, and is reported to flower in the Spring with fruit ripening and abscission 3-4 months later.