Riverside Hybrids

P. 'Justine Lyons' flowerP. 'Justine Lyons' flower reflexing | P. 'Justine Lyons' flower close up 

Passiflora 'Justine Lyons' 
 Myles Irvine UK
Min -8°C 18°F

Named after Justine, the daughter of Peter & Natalie Lyons. Passiflora 'Justine Lyons' is a hardy vigorous hybrid, suitable for container growing or in the ground in a sheltered location. It sometimes produces double buds from one node. The foliage is quite striking with large very variable 3 & 5 lobed leaves. It has big attractive lilac coloured flowers which reflex fully. Occasional decorative green oval fruit ripening to yellow orange.

The original Justine, a keen gardener.