Riverside Hybrids

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Passiflora Lambiekins

Passiflora 'Lambiekins'
Myles Irvine UK
Min -5°C 23°F

Passiflora 'Lambiekins' is a beautiful hardy free flowering and vigorous polyploid hybrid'. This is a large vine and though it can be grown in a container is more suited to being in the ground in a sheltered location. Named in honour of my dear friend Claire 'Lambiekins' Batten above. See also Passiflora 'Mini Lamb' named in honour or her daughter Leanne.

Triploid. Large, vigorous, very hardy & floriferous vine with very variable foliage and variable flowers. Dark maroon stems with up to 15cm betwen nodes; buds very full, green with maroon striations; Striking flower up to 11.5cm in diameter, very lightly scented, slightly reflexes; stays open for several days; androgynophore & anther filaments green with very light speckling; pollen present on anthers; styles green with heavy maroon speckles; petals broad, variable white to pale lilac; sepals broad & fleshy, abaxial surface green/maroon with green base and long claw-like awns; adaxial surface variable white to lilac with some white central streaking; 2 rows corona filaments; inner corona filaments very dark maroon; outer corona filaments 4cm upper row, lower 5cm in diameter, banded dark maroon, white & blue to apex; bracts 2.5cm x 3cm; peduncle up to 10cm; large very variable sometimes scruffy leaves often twisted with well joined wide lobes , up to 17cm x 15cm; strong veins often maroon, often three lobed, sometimes 4 or more usually 5-lobed; petiole 11cm or more; betwen two and four 2-4mm long petiole glands, often paired from start to near end of petiole. Stipules variable often twisted 3cm x 2cm; large decorative ovoid fruit; green ripening to yellow/orange; up to 7.5cm x 5 cm; fruit pungent with pungent orange arils; Minimum temperature probably –8°C.