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Passiflora 'Manapany' flower


Passiflora 'Manapany'
P. 'Byron Beauty' x P. 'Temptation'.
Fischer Germany & Segalen France 2004
Min 0°C 32°F

A young cutting of Passiflora 'Manapany' by Dr. Roland Fischer & J.J. Segalen.  A tetraploid (4n) cross of P. 'Byron Beauty' x P. 'Temptation'. i.e. (P. edulis x P. incarnata) x (P. incarnata x P. cincinnata). One of the first tetraploid crosses done by pollination rather than in the laboratory.

  Named after Manapany les Bains, a beautiful bay on the South of Reunion Island, where JJ lives.