Riverside Hybrids

Passiflora membranacea 'Strybing' | Passiflora membranacea 'Strybing' seedling clone 1 | Passiflora membranacea 'Strybing' seedling clone 2 | Passiflora membranacea 'Europe'

Passiflora membranacea

 Photo at Strybing Arboretum California. © 2001 Greg Cunningham


Passiflora membranacea
(Decaloba/ Hahniopathanthus)
Mexico 1841
Min -2°C 27°F Max 38° C 100°F

Passiflora membranacea. A massive spectacular & very rare plant, it does not need much humidity. It flowers in late spring through to mid summer and likes the sun. The pictures that follow include both more of this plant, some seedlings from it & the European clone which is different, & I think inferior, as I believe it has yet to flower for anyone. So for convenience I've called this Passiflora membranacea 'Strybing' to distinguish it from Passiflora membranacea 'Europe'. It will stop growing in too high temperatures.

  Particular thanks to Greg Cunningham, Dave Hermeyer and Eric Hunt for the pictures & information in this section.