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Passiflora mendoncaei


Passiflora mendoncaei

Paulo Brazil 1922
Min 0°C 32°F

Passiflora mendoncaei. Kindly supplied by Torsten Ulmer Germany. Often spelt Passiflora mendoncae with the 'i' missing off the end. Killip (1938) and C. Feuillet & J. M. MacDougal (2002) both spell it correctly as Passiflora 'mendoncaei'. It is found in Serra da Juréia & Campos do Jordão, São Paulo State & in the State of Paraná near Caiguava, growing from 1000 meters upwards often in up to 80% humidity. It has one of the most beautiful flowers of all Passiflora. See pictures by Mauro Peixoto and Dr. Maurizio Vecchia.

We have all found it a difficult plant to grow in captivity. My main observation to date is that it is happy in a peat based soil with its roots growing well, but the growing tips dry up unless it is protected from wind & the atmosphere is very humid. If anyone reading this is doing well with this plant please e-mail me to let me know what it likes.

Mauro Peixoto advises:-

'It comes from 2000 metres of altitude growing in shade or semi shade. The upper branches from the bigger plants might be in the sun but the roots are always in the shade, growing on the leaf mold or humus in the woods. I think that it needs "cold feet" The climate up there is kind of temperate. The temperature ranges from 14ºC to 27ºC in summer and from minus 3ºC to 20ºC in  winter. (usual is about 5ºC to 18ºC) The place receives regular frosts in winter, but never stays for long below zero, and the soil never freezes.The soil is neutral to slightly acidic, like most of Brazilian soil.'

Dr. Maurizio Vecchia comments that:-

'We found P. mendoncae on the mountain at about 2000 m (Campos do Jordão) It was inside the forest in shadow. The climate was cool and I think that in the Brazilian winter months the temperature can arrive at 4 or 5 °C.'