Riverside Hybrids


Passiflora palmeri sublanceolata


Passiflora palmeri var.sublanceolata x ?  
Martin Murray UK 2004
Min 4°C 39°F

Flowers open early, reflex fully for a short time and are closed by midday as with other foetida that I have grown.  Above shows a wasp mimic stealing pollen and I have seen a bee visit it in UK. Grown from Passiflora palmeri var. sublanceolata seed by Martin Murray, who kindly gave me this plant. Does not look quite right for the species and the colour is not bright enough but could be the species hybridized with another P. foetida. In fact this looks very like P. 'Aurora', a hybrid by Maurizio Vecchia which is described as P. foetida var? x P. palmeri var. sublanceolata. More likely the cross is the other way round as otherwise Maurizio would know the I.D. of the mother, with hybrids it is often the pollen donor that is a mystery. It may be of course as foetida hybridize naturally so easily that P. 'Aurora' is simply from the same cross as this plant.