Riverside Hybrids

P. 'Party Animal foliage' | P. 'Party Animal' flower bud | P. 'Party Animal' flower | P. 'Party Animal' flower and bud | P. 'Party Animal' from above | P. 'Party Animal' side view | P. 'Party Animal' close up

Passiflora 'Party Animal'
 Myles Irvine UK
Complex polyploid
Flowers June-Nov
Min -8°C 18°F

Named in honour of my dear friend Simona 'Party Animal' Kristova.
A large vigorous free-flowering vine. Can be container grown but will do much better planted outside in the ground. Flower up to 10cm diameter with corona filaments up to 7cm diameter. Flower reflexes fully and stays open for two days. Decorative green oval fruit ripening to yellow orange.