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Passiflora flower SEM | Passiflora foliage SEM | Passiflora pollen SEM | Passiflora seed SEM

Image © 2005 Frans Holthuysen All Rights Reserved

Winner EIPBN Best Electron Micrograph 2003

Frans Holthuysen
Making the invisible visible
Electron Microscopist Philips Research Eindhoven The Netherlands

 Many thanks to:-

  Frans Holthuysen I cannot thank Frans enough for his kindness in sharing his extraordinary archive of Passiflora or passion flower, foliage, pollen  & seed SEM images. Frans is well know for his unique SEM photographs. Every year he wins several first prizes at SEM contests all over the world.

  Dr. Clive Steele & his Final Year Forensic Science Degree student Sandra Pasantes, of the Forensic Science Unit, South Bank University, London for permission to use their Passiflora SEM images.

  Dr. Tatyana A Lobova & Vanessa Hequet of the New York Botanical Gardens for permission to use their Passiflora SEM images.

  Cor Laurens Holder of the Dutch National Collection of Passiflora, for supplying Frans Holthuysen some years ago with the pollen for some of his pollen images.