Riverside Hybrids


The common passion flower


Q Can you identify this passion flower for me?

A See Passiflora plant ID.

Q What are the best Passiflora to start with?

A If you are a beginner start with the most widely available plants, Passiflora caerulea (the common passion flower), P. caerulea 'Constance Eliott', or Passiflora 'Amethyst' as they are quite hardy & free flowering.. If you want a larger more vigorous hardy plant try Passiflora 'Betty Myles Young' or Passiflora 'Clear Sky'.

Q Passion flower pruning - When should I prune the Passiflora back?

A Leave the plant looking messy over winter & prune only after growth has restarted. Even then always leave some long straggly bits. When pruning never cut hard to the main stems. Never prune late in the season.

Q What pest & disease problems do they get?

A See Pests & diseases.

Q How do I produce new hybrids?

A See Hybridizing.

Q How do I take cuttings?

A See Cuttings.

Q Can I dig up and move my passion flower?

A In some climates you can get away with it, but the roots are very fragile in most Passiflora so they will often suffer from transplant shock and die.

Q Why have I got no flowers?

A They may be too hot or try a high potassium feed. For more information see flowering & Plant food

Q How do I germinate the seed?

A  See Seed germination.

Q Are the fruit edible & how do I know if they are ripe?

A Let fruit drop for most species, but for some it has to be gently removed. Most fruit changes colour as it ripens. Almost all passion fruit are edible but there are a very few that if unripe, are very toxic. If in doubt don't eat them. The common passion flower P. caerulea has edible but insipid fruit. See Edible fruit.

Q Where should I plant them?

A Put plants in South facing dry well drained beds close to a wall or fence. They like a sheltered location without too much wind. See Planting tips.

Q What soil should I grow them in/do they need feeding?

A A good all purpose soil is half loam based mix with a quarter peat and a quarter of sharp sand to improve drainage. See Soil mixes & Plant food.

Q How often should I water them?

A Daily when newly planted in the ground. Once established water heavily only once a week to encourage roots to go deep. If in doubt keep them slightly dry.

Q Is where I live too cold/hot to grow them?

A See Planting tips section for a temperature range guide on what suits different Passiflora and how to overwinter them. Young ones struggle over winter.