Riverside Hybrids


Passiflora 'Emil Kugler' anther with pollen.

Image © 2005 Paul R.A. West All Rights Reserved


Pollen Overview
A definition of pollen and a look at its structure.

Hybrid pollen is often prone to deformations which can render it ineffective or sterile.

How species avoid hybridizing with other species in the wild.

Aridopsis study
Looks at the nature of the the bonding between the pollen and the stigma.

Preserving pollen
How to preserve pollen for SEM study or pollinating other flowers at a later time.

Self pollination
Looks at why some Passiflora self pollinate and the role of 'alien' pollen.

Style/stigma movement
A study of P. incarnata looking at how flower variations & style & stigma movement maximize fertility.

Stunning pictures of many different Passiflora hybrid and species pollen.