Riverside Hybrids


Passiflora x piresae flower & bud | Passiflora x piresae flower | Passiflora x piresae close up

Passiflora Piresii

Passiflora x piresae
P. quadrifaria x P. vitifolia
John Vanderplank
UK 1993
Min 8°C 46°F

Stunning flower. Medium vigour. Difficult to overwinter. The name of this hybrid is often misspelt. John Vanderplank has kindly clarified the matter for me. There is only one correct spelling as above as Mrs Pires was a lady!! P. x piresii and other variations are all invalid. Many authors put a space between the "x" (small x in roman) and the "p" P. x piresae, so both that and P. xpiresae are correct.