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Passiflora pittieri flower

Passiflora pittieri


Passiflora pittieri
Santa Domingo Costa Rica 1897
Min 4°C 39°F

Passiflora pittieri. Many thanks to John Vanderplank for giving me this tiny plant on 19/10/04. Grown from seed by John this very rare Passiflora has single lobed leaves and will eventually grow into a very large tree, possibly up to 16cm trunk diameter. It prefers a peat soil and a deep palm pot as it is thought to put down long tap roots, though I could not see them when repotting it. After a few weeks outdoors it grew steadily over winter in natural light on a window cill indoors till December 2004 and then stopped growing till late March 2005 when new growing tips emerged.

P. pittieri is notorious for suddenly becoming 'difficult'. For more information see Dr Larry Gilbert's article Passiflora pittieri 1996.pdf.