Riverside Hybrids

Passiflora 'Poppet'
Min 4°C 40°F
Flowering period June-Nov.

Passiflora 'Poppet' is a free flowering hybrid with beautiful pastel flowers.
Suitable for container growing or in the ground in a very sheltered location.

Passiflora 'Poppet' is a very complex cross. It can come through quite a hard winter outside but will struggle to regrow so is better overwintered in a greenhouse or conservatory.

Named in honour of my dear friend Linda 'Poppet' Grover, above.

Vine fairly vigorous and free flowering. Prefers full sun. Flowers June -November. Green stems with some light maroon; buds, green with some maroon nearer the ends; flowers with a dark lilac centre, up to 10cm in diameter, light pleasant perfume, reflexes; androgynophore & anther filaments green with very light maroon speckling; some pollen present on anthers; styles green with dark maroon speckles; petals, pale lilac; sepals, abaxial surface green with 5mm long light maroon claw-like awns; adaxial surface green/off-white; short dark lilac multiple inner corona filaments merging into two rows of off-white outer corona filaments; corona filaments 6.5cm in diameter; bracts 2cm x 1cm; peduncle up to 8cm; 3-5 lobed leaves, up to 11.5cm x 17cm; lobes full up to 4cm width, red veins; petiole 4cm; between four and eight 5mm long upright petiole glands, often in staggered pairs from near middle to near end of petiole. Stipules 4cm x 2cm with 3-4mm awns. Minimum temperature probably 4°C 40°F.