Riverside Hybrids

P. 'Snow Queen' flower buds | P. 'Snow Queen' flower | P. 'Snow Queen' flower above | P. 'Snow Queen' flower close up | P. 'Snow Queen' flower at night | P. 'Snow Queen' flower size  | P. 'Snow Queen' flower and P. caerulea

Passiflora 'Snow Queen'
Protection Status: Plant Breeders Rights pending, US Plant Patent Rights pending. RIVERSIDE® is a Registered Trademark
Flowers June-Nov
Min -8°C 18°F

Named in honour of Natalia Walaszek. A large hardy vigorous free-flowering vine. Can be container grown but is better planted outside in the ground. The flowers are heavily perfumed, up to 12cm diameter with wide petals and sepals and strong 8cm diameter pure white corona filaments, with rarely an occasional tinge of light blue at the tips. Flower reflexes and stays open for two days.

Image © Martyna Walaszek