Riverside Hybrids

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Image © 2005 Venkat Venkataraju


Venkat Venkataraju comments, ''I have come across a Passiflora species in Trupathi, India (13°39'N, 79°25'E). I don't have a better picture of this one or its fruits. The plant was obviously being grown as an ornamental plant.''

Thirupathi is one of the temple towns on top of a hill in south India. The local people believe that this flower represent the legend of Mahabharata.

This plant has now been named by John Vanderplank et al as as Passiflora 'Soi Fah' It is also found in Thailand. See page 126 of the Passiflora Cultivar List. They suggest that it is P. caerulea x P. laurifiolia? In my opinion they are wrong as it closely resembles an unreleased hybrid by Frank Moser which is P. incarnata x P. laurifolia. The petiole glands hard up against the leaf strongly suggest P. incarnata parentage.