Riverside Hybrids


Scale insects


A look at how to keep your plants happy and avoid pests & diseases.

Often, but not always, beneficial to Passiflora.

'Black Death'
Alarming looking but non-fatal black foliage damage that some Passiflora are prone to.

Both a major predator in caterpillar form and a possible pollinator as adults.

Greenfly & Blackfly
Minor biting damage but can introduce viruses.

Leaf rollers
Usually Tortrix moth caterpillars, only a threat to small plants.

Scale insects
Sap suckers which can greatly weaken plants.

Slugs & snails
A big problem for some of us -they can strip and kill a small plant overnight.


Spider mite
Very hard to spot and very difficult to get rid of in greenhouses.

A real nuisance especially for commercial growers.