Riverside Hybrids


Passiflora tulae flowers growing on tendrils

Image © 2007 Dr. Les King




I would like to thank all below & many others not listed for their help, images, correction of errors, generosity, kindness & encouragement in helping me build this Passiflora site:-

Sue Barnard,  Ron Boender, Dr Paul Colinvaux, Mark Cooper, Greg Cunningham, Dr. Roland Fischer, Dr. Reto Gamma, Dr. Larry Gilbert, Dr. Roger P. Hangarter, Frans Holthuysen, Eric Hunt, Dr. Peter Jørgensen, Dr. Elma Kay, Ellsworth Paine Killip, Dr. Les King, Dr. Horst Kretzschmar, Jane Lindsay, Dr. John MacDougal, Dr. Luis Mazariegos, Martin Murray, David & Sue Panken, Sandra Pasantes,  Mauro Peixoto, Sally Pert, Wendy 'HD' Robinson, Dr. Ivan Sazima & Dr. Marlies Sazima, Mark Smyth, Dr. Clive Steele, Dr. Marco Tchapka, Dr. John Vanderplank, Ian Webb, Henk Wouters. Also of course all on the Passiflora e-mail list.


All who have helped out with gardening duties over the years including our Head Gardener Julio Capanna, John Flynn, Nigel Hills, Brian Masters, Owen Morgan, Ian Ormiston, James Purkis, Dr Clive Steele, Jon & Cindy West, and currently David G.Williams with Emma D. L. 'Wasp' Williams - Paramedic on standby.


All who have uncomplainingly struggled to open their windows & watched our house, fences and walls vanish over the last 18 years under a width of over 160' x 12' of foliage. 'Like living in Hobbiton' one commented!


Special thanks too to my Solicitor Rob Walker for defending my site's Copyright so vigorously. I never object to the odd image or bit of text being used, but 3 pages of text slightly altered and 19 images resized and renamed by one of Uk's best known garden sites without any credit to me was too much!

  My Parents

Henry B. Irvine & Betty M. Irvine for their love and support and my inheriting greener fingers than I could ever have imagined - though it took me over 30 years to begin using them!